Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quint's first day

It was a big day.
We were teary but Quint was brave:)
The great news was...
He loved it!

Daddy even made it....just awesome.

the brothers seeing Quint off

Saying goodbye

Russell and Q checking out his cubby

Our sweet teacher....
kicking the parents out....
I guess it was time:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

There is an "M"

Letter recognition is big around our house.
Russell gets very excited when he can identify letters:)

Today Russell was having hot cocoa in a mug and he noticed an "m" on the mug.  
Then he said to me....
"look there is an M like in your name"

Instantly I thought....
there is not an M in my name.....
then I realized....
yes there is....
There is an M in Momma.

I just marinated on that....
how cool is it that my boys have given me a new name.

For a long time I was Christy....
 Taylor for a while....
and now...
funny how life has seasons...
and for me...
even in my names.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In 10 minutes

It blew in
Crazy rain
Gusty winds
In 10 minutes it was over
And so were the trees
Iowa weather never ceases to amaze

Chalk creations

Found the sidewalk chalk yesterday.
The boys loved it
I love the driveway art:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

It was wiggling
It moved back and forth
We kept checking
Not ready yet.... was!!!

Sitting on the neighbors porch
Daddy wiggled it...
it came out!

Q lost his first tooth!
front lower left.

Big moment.
He looks awesome toothless:) over....already?

I find it strange school starts tomorrow in our town, and Q starts next Wednesday.  It seems so early. I love summer, the sun, the water, being outdoors.  Fall is the best in Iowa but I know after that comes....winter.  I am sad to see summer end.  Here are some pics from the water park where we spent many of our summer days.  It was a great splurge, especially since it was roasting most days!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Piston Cup

Found a great bike trailer on craigslist.  
 It was on my want list forever, 
and it is fantastic.  
I LOVE riding the beach cruiser with the boys, 
especially now the Q can ride with me.
This morning Q and I are riding home from the Y and he shouts over

"Race you home Mom!"
"Ok" I shout back 
(internally trying to suppress my competitive nature)

Then he ups the stakes....
"whoever wins gets the Piston Cup!"
(Cars reference)

Doesn't he realize his mother is a fault competitive......
I start to pedal faster....
I love a good challenge...besides he was so far ahead I had no chance.

I look over at him as he puts his head down,
 intently focused on pedaling as fast as possible
He is so driven...
I am challenged by the race but more by the question running in my mind...
How do we guide his drive?

He beams as he pulls into the driveway ahead of me.
I graciously concede.
Losing the Piston Cup was rough, but
deep down I am proud of his desire to win

Monday, July 16, 2012

Our first ambulance ride

It's still early. 
 Q and are cleaning in the kitchen after breakfast when we hear a loud "thud"
I look at Quint and he says
" that does not sound good"
I see Russell crying the silent cry...
Which is never good and holding his neck.
 He says to me between sobbs my neck hurts!
Oh my gosh...
Oh my gosh....
 I lay him down as a precaution and try to find out what happened.
He said "I dove off the stairs and landed on my head."
I thought who does that? 
(My Russell....have to love him:)
 I examined him closer
 and saw his neck was turning 
black and blue
Oh my gosh....!

Grab phone
Call 911
Quint waited for the firemen.
They were here fast.
They looked at Russell and immediately backboarded him
"grab your stuff Mom, we are going"
The fireman said to me.
We all loaded in the ambulance.
Rhett went in a special car seat built in to the ambulance.
Russell was just quiet.
Called mom...she paged BK
the ER doc wanted a CT scan
BK agreed
After the scan and a few hours they determined just a bad bruise:)
Praise God

BK rescued us from the hospital.
It was amazing to be home.
What did I learn?
Always have a go bag...
That is how fast normal life can change....
And ideally no Mommy would ever see her baby loaded in an ambulance.